Natalia Vigil (She/Her)

A women with long dark hair and turquoise beaded earrings wearing a black jacket and shirt

Natalia Vigil is responsible for all aspects of community engagement, grantmaking, research, accountability, and learning in our arts and Creative Work Fund grantmaking. Come to Natalia with questions and lively conversation about creativity, intersectionality, and justice or to talk the specifics of arts in education and organizations creating new work in partnership with individual artists. Most recently, she was the Executive Director of the Queer Cultural Center.

She is passionate about community-driven creativity; youth leadership; Black, Indigenous, and people-of-color leadership; and cultural preservation through artist sustainability. Outside the Fund, Natalia is an active curator and writer, and cultural practitioner dreaming up ways to preserve the intergenerational stories of her community.


Email Natalia at [email protected]

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