Our Focus

At the Walter & Elise Haas Fund we believe in collaborating with partners whose work provides access and opportunity, building a more equitable community. We invest in our Bay Area neighbors because doing so fosters a more just and vibrant society for current and future generations.


We accept grant proposals in four program areas — the Arts, Economic Well-being, Jewish Life, and Racial Justice.

While each program area has its own specific set of guidelines, our grantmaking as a whole encourages:

  • Ensuring access and creating opportunity;
  • Innovative approaches;
  • Programs that span across our program areas;
  • Leadership, including that of an engaged board of directors;
  • Organizations with multiple sources of support and plans for long-term sustainability;
  • Deep community involvement in your services and activities;
  • Active and on-going collaboration that increases program impact; and
  • Consistent collection of feedback to drive program evaluation and improvement.

Grant Program Areas

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