Our Values

At the Walter & Elise Haas Fund, we continuously strive to match the work we do to the emerging needs and requirements of our community.

Values are the seeds we commit to grow within and around our organization.

We plant them by laying claim to them.
We nurture them by practicing them.
We share them by showing them.

Values are always aspirational and never only aspirational. They must be in evidence not because of what we say but because of who we are and how we are and what we do.

They speak to our history, and they guide us to our future.

They are consequential.

These are the four values the people who make up the Walter & Elise Haas Fund choose to live by:


To care for each other as a human family, forging connections, creating continuity of culture and practice; to learn from the past and to protect, care, and plan for future generations today.

Shared Responsibility

To do our part to heal the world (as in the Jewish concept of tikkun olam), leading when necessary and joining when possible; to acknowledge our shared fate; to embrace collective action that strengthens our community.


To seek equity and justice; to embrace and celebrate our differences; to be in community with others, building trust that makes a “we” possible.


To embrace what could be; to dream big, aspiring to foster a society in which we all thrive.

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