Deeptansh “Deep” Chadha (He/Him)

Man standing in front of a hill, wearing a blue sweater and shirt.

As Associate, Grants and Learning, Deeptansh “Deep” Chadha, supports the Fund reflect on its grantmaking, propel learning initiatives, and better assess its impact while also being a helpful resource for grantseekers and grantees. In his work, Deep utilizes insights, feedback, and analysis to enhance the fund’s goal to be an ever-growing and learning organization. Deep is always available to support queries regarding Fluxx, Creative Work Fund, grant proposals, award letters, and learning. Deep cares deeply about social issues such as immigration, gender and racial equity, and housing security and has worked in higher education spaces that have promoted his passion further.

Deep’s passion to work in the social sector comes from his desire to impact his community at large through a community-informed and holistic process. While Deep is extremely comfortable using numbers and data, he often prefers to understand ideas and sentiments to bring a social and more human approach to his work. Deep claims that if he wasn’t just so good at his job, he would probably be a cook, or a soccer player.

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