Jewish Life

The purpose of the Fund’s grantmaking in Jewish life has been to support a vibrant, inclusive, Jewish community that is meaningful, compelling, and responsive to contemporary concerns.

New Work Ahead

On November 1, 2023 we paused the Jewish life grantmaking program. We are using the pause to reflect on past grantmaking and engage with community in the design of grantmaking that integrates our support of Jewish life with the arts, disaster and climate resilience, and racial justice grantmaking. In 2024, we will be looking back at what these programs have accomplished, lifting what they share in common, and inviting grantees and community to help us shape the Fund’s grantmaking for social well-being, and deepening our support for culture, community, and connection.

We are working with current grantees of the Jewish Life program to provide continuing support during the Fund’s integration, and cultivate their insights for the work ahead.

Grant Opportunities

  • The window for application to the Jewish Life program is closed.
  • No new grants will be awarded under the Jewish Life program in 2024.
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What Has Guided our Jewish Life Grantmaking So Far

Diversity is a Strength

We envision a vibrant Jewish community able to harness the strengths and talents that result from a diverse population by funding efforts that:

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals and families seeking a place within the Jewish community.
  • Encourage pathways to create Jewish leaders that reflect the community they serve
  • Build the capacity of organizations to have civil and constructive conversations about issues that are difficult and divisive

Social Justice is a Mandate

We believe that Jewish values of tikkun olam (healing the world) and tzedakah (charity) are meaningful drivers of change and support efforts that:

  • Foster Jewish participation in organizations, programs, and services that supports the needs and aspirations of recent immigrants, isolated seniors, the poor, and other vulnerable populations.
  • Encourage the collaboration of the Jewish community with other faith traditions to promote social and economic justice.
  • Combat anti-Semitism and promote acceptance of the Jewish community and other vulnerable communities through education, advocacy, and communication.

Innovation is an Imperative

We understand that each generation must grapple with the significance of Jewish practice and values (l’dor vador) and therefore support a revitalized Jewish landscape through efforts that:

  • Foster collaboration between startups and more established organizations
  • Build upon Jewish traditions and values
  • Recognize that identity is multifaceted

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