Other Grantmaking Interests

In addition to its four program areas (Arts, Economic Security, Jewish Life, and Education), the Fund is also engaged in Legacy and Mission-related Special Grantmaking. Legacy grantmaking encompasses several programs, each of which has a direct relationship to the Fund’s founders, Walter and Elise Haas. Mission-related Special Grantmaking provides the Fund flexibility to respond to

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Jewish Life

The purpose of the Jewish Life program is to foster a vibrant, inclusive Jewish community in the Bay Area, that offers opportunities for engagement in Jewish life and that encourages participation in the broader pluralistic society. This purpose will be achieved through the following funding goals and strategies:

Economic Security

The purpose of the Economic Security grantmaking area is to help low-income adults and families achieve upward mobility and economic security. The program’s goals focus on workforce development and building and protecting financial assets. The Fund supports programs that address these issues through direct services, public policy reform, and field building activities.

2012 Annual Report

This page contains no content – it sets the title for this year’s report and is the organizational placeholder for the pages inside.


The purpose of the Education grantmaking area is to improve the quality of public education by building effective school communities. The program goals focus on school leadership, teacher quality, and partnerships for school improvement to build engaging, effective school communities. The Fund gives priority to programs that focus on increasing educational opportunities for underserved students.

The Arts

The purpose of the Arts grantmaking area is to enable Bay Area residents to realize the full potential of the Arts to build cross-cultural understanding and enrich individual lives. The program’s goals focus on Arts Education, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Commons, and The Creative Work Fund.

Executive Director’s Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues: As our board president eloquently pointed out in her letter prefacing this annual report, in 2012 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Walter and Elise Haas Fund. This year also represented my 10th anniversary at the Foundation, a milestone in this age of transitory employment. These anniversaries

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