2012 Annual Report

Grant Programs: Jewish Life

The purpose of the Jewish Life program is to foster a vibrant, inclusive Jewish community in the Bay Area, that offers opportunities for engagement in Jewish life and that encourages participation in the broader pluralistic society. This purpose will be achieved through the following funding goals and strategies:

Promote Diversity:

Build a strong and vibrant Jewish community able to harness the strength that results from a diverse population.

  • To support efforts to create an inviting and inclusive environment for the diverse individuals and families seeking a place within the Jewish community.
  • To support programs that recognize, embrace, and serve the diversity of ideas, values, and religious perspectives within the Jewish community.

Building Partnerships For Social Justice:

Create effective partnerships based on shared values such as fairness, equality, and service.

  • To combat prejudice against and promote acceptance of the Jewish community and other vulnerable communities through education, advocacy, and communication.
  • To foster Jewish participation in organizations, programs, and services that support the needs and aspirations of recent immigrants.
  • To encourage the collaboration of the Jewish community with other faith traditions to promote social and economic justice.