Womens Audio Mission and and La Doña

Program Area(s)
Grantee NameWomens Audio Mission
Address542-544 Natoma Street
San Francisco CA, 94103
United States

Womens Audio Mission is collaborating with local singer, songwriter, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist Cecilia Cassandra Peña-Govea, aka La Doña, to record, produce, and present a new album featuring a collection of boleros and sones entitled “El Pueblo en Lucha.” This new work will map the deep historical and cultural relationships between Mexico and Cuba, featuring genres that emerge at the intersection of African, Indigenous and Colonial European roots. Focusing on themes of resistance, solidarity and liberation and featuring local and international musical collaborations, the project will culminate in record release, an interactive concert premiere of the work featuring dancers from Escuela Cuicacalli folkloric dance program and students from the San Francisco Unified School District’s mariachi program and illustrations by Alyssa Aviles of Suavecita Press.

Grant Amount$50000
Project Dates07/01/24 - 06/30/26
Serving United States/California/San Francisco/San Francisco

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