Grant Programs:

The purpose of the Jewish Life program is to foster a vibrant, inclusive Jewish community in the Bay Area, one that offers opportunities for engagement in Jewish life and that encourages participation in the broader pluralistic society. This purpose will be achieved through the following funding goals and strategies:

Promoting Diversity: To promote a Jewish community accepting of its diversity and better able to harness the strength that results from a diverse population.
  • To support efforts to create an inviting and inclusive environment for interfaith families seeking a place within the Jewish community.
  • To support programs that recognize, embrace and serve the diversity of religious perspectives, gender, sexual orientation, race, and class within the Jewish community.
  • To support organizations that provide opportunities for dialogue and discussion among disparate segments of the Jewish community about areas of connections and difference.

Creative Expression: To foster creative expression of the American Jewish experience as a distinct community within a multi-cultural and open society.
  • To support arts organizations that give voice to, comment upon, and foster understanding of the Jewish experience in a pluralistic society.
  • To support organizations that are developing new ideas and non-traditional opportunities for engaging with Jewish ideas, texts, or values.

Building Partnerships: To foster rich partnerships and build secure bridges between the Jewish community and other communities.
  • To support Jewish-based organizations that engage broad participation by Jews and non-Jews in working toward social and economic justice for all Americans.
  • To encourage the collaboration of the Jewish community with other faith traditions to promote shared values and commitment to service for the greater good.
  • To foster Jewish participation in supporting the aspirations and needs of recent immigrants.
  • To combat prejudice against and promote acceptance of the Jewish community and other vulnerable communities through education, advocacy, and communication.

New Leadership: To cultivate, recognize and reward Jewish leadership that is best able to accept, understand, and shape change.
  • To provide opportunities for leadership development within Jewish organizations that fit within our strategic vision.
  • To strengthen key organizations so that they can respond to change.

* How To Apply: For a step-by-step guide to the Fund's grant application process, please see the For Grantseekers section of our Web site.