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  1. In Support of Teacher Training

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    As districts across the state gear up for the next school year, a major question on their minds is will we have enough teachers?

    There are numerous drivers of our current, troubling teacher shortage. We’ve seen sharp declines in enrollment in teacher credentialing programs, high rates of new teacher attrition, and skyrocketing costs of living in comparison to teacher pay. There are ways we can and will combat these factors, however. We wanted to share one leader’s plea to pass SB933 so California can invest in programs where clinical experience is an integral part of teacher preparation.

    This editorial, authored by San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent Richard Carranza and published in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 25th.

    W&EHF grantee San Francisco Teacher Residency is an example of a great program that trains new teachers; these kinds of quality programs result in teachers staying longer in their jobs – so important given the role experience plays in developing education leaders for our public school classrooms. We believe there is no more effective way to increase the quality of our children’s public education than by attracting talent to the teaching profession and then helping them become and remain great teachers.

    California Teacher Corps would attract new talent to public schools – San Francisco Chronicle

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