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  1. Making the Invisible Visible at Mission Asset Fund

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    I’ve thought a lot about the qualities that most reliably form the building blocks of leadership lately. Intelligence, empathy, and humility surely make any such list but, to my surprise, what I recently identified in those whose work most inspires me was something else: vulnerability.

    Vulnerability is the root of empathy. It is the source of humility and it’s to thank for much of our intelligence.

    José Quiñonez, CEO of the Mission Asset Fund and now the inaugural chair of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s Consumer Advisory Board, exemplifies this strength from openness. His personal story, and the story of the Mission Asset Fund’s creation and ascent, present a window into the kind of leadership with which the Walter & Elise Haas Fund is honored to collaborate.

    José’s vision and action remove barriers to equity for our neighbors in the Bay Area and beyond.

    In his article, Making the Invisible Visible: A Strategy for Inclusion — a piece I highly recommend reading — José takes us along on his own journey from poverty and exclusion to where he is now, leading an organization that fights poverty by building on families’ strengths rather than focusing on their challenges. In doing this important and innovative work, Mission Asset Fund brings thousands of families out of the financial shadows and towards economic security.

    Making the Invisible Visible: A Strategy for Inclusion was written for and originally published by MIT’s Innovations Journal.

    Jose Quiñonez and the staff of the Mission Asset Fund
    Jose Quiñonez and the staff of the Mission Asset Fund
  2. Mission Asset Fund in the Paper of Record

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    New-York-Times-Social-Logo1The Fund happily noted grantee Mission Asset Fund on the front page of the New York Times on Saturday. The write-up focuses on MAF’s lending circle program, which helps borrowers access affordable loans, build credit history, and set them up for a financially stable future. MAF is part of the Fund’s Economic Security cohort of grantees, addressing the Fund’s goal to help low-income adults and families achieve upward mobility and economic security. Our strategies focus on workforce development and building and protecting financial assets with grants to organizations that provide direct services, public policy reform, and field building activities.

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