Stephanie Rapp (She/Her)

Stephanie Rapp

Stephanie Rapp leads the Fund’s work in Jewish Life, which seeks to break down divisions between and within communities of faith, to combat bigotry, and to fight polarization more broadly. She also oversees our work on Disaster Resilience, which focuses on helping communities on the front lines of climate change in our region become more resilient. Both programs focus on social justice as a key strategy. Born in Brooklyn, and raised in in NY’s Rockland County, Stephanie has lived and worked in San Francisco for forty years and is inspired by its history of activism. She has been a nonprofit executive director, development director, and consultant, experiences that give her a deep appreciation for the work of the Fund’s grantees.

In her free time, Stephanie loves to watch movies with her filmmaker husband, walk her two rescue dogs all over the city, and read novels and short stories by new authors. She credits her college professor, historian Howard Zinn, with instilling in her a deep commitment to social change. Her Russian-born grandparents spoke Yiddish, and a favorite word is “chutzpah,” which means incredible guts, a quality she admires in all the Fund’s grantees who are bold changemakers.


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