The purpose of the Fund’s grantmaking in education is to help ensure that public school students furthest from opportunity are in schools and classrooms with exceptional teachers.

Attract Talent to Public Education

We believe that well prepared and committed teachers are a vital building block for excellent urban schools. We fund efforts that:

  • Expand and diversify the local urban teacher pipeline.
  • Prepare urban school teachers to effectively lead classrooms in highly challenged schools.
  • Recruit and/or train people to teach in hard-to-fill subject areas such as math, science, special education, and bilingual education.
  • Assist new teachers’ successful transition into teaching.
  • Build or enhance school districts’ recruitment and talent development systems.

Keep Great Teachers Teaching

We understand that education is a human endeavor and schools need to retain their talent to realize equitable student outcomes. We fund efforts that:

  • Support teacher retention efforts especially those that:
    • Reduce teacher isolation and encourage teacher collaboration;
    • Strengthen school and district leaders’ abilities to develop a positive learning culture, strengthen staff cohesion, and create an environment with high expectations, respect, and trust; and,
    • Develop meaningful opportunities for ongoing teacher professional growth and leadership.
  • Assist schools and districts to better understand, analyze, and improve teacher working conditions and retention in highly challenged schools and support effective instructional leadership.

Build Learning Communities of Practice and Support

As teaching is a developmental art, we envision urban schools where everyone–students and adults–are learners and schools constantly adapt to support the needs of its diverse students and families. We fund efforts that:

  • Provide teachers with opportunities to reflect and further develop their teaching skills to engage and meet the learning needs of their students.
  • Build teachers’ knowledge, skills, and resiliency to effectively serve and lead in high-stress, high-poverty schools and communities.
  • Help teachers build partnerships or collaborate with family and community supports to foster student development and increase student achievement.
  • Strengthen school and districts’ professional development efforts and systems to meet the differing needs of teachers and schools.

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