Economic Security

The purpose of the Fund’s grantmaking in economic security is to help low-income adults and families achieve economic security and upward mobility.

Quality Employment is Essential

We believe economic security and upward mobility can be achieved when low-income individuals with barriers to employment gain the skills and access necessary to secure stable jobs with opportunities for advancement. We fund efforts that:

  • Offer training customized to specific jobs with identified employers; include a combination of classroom and work-place based learning; and provide adequate support services.
  • Prepare low-skilled and disadvantaged people to advance in career pathways toward “middle skill” employment. Middle skilled jobs are those that require some post-secondary education and/or training, and pay a wage of $18 to $30 per hour.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the community college system to integrate basic skills remediation into vocational programs, implement vocational training pathways aligned with employer needs, and provide support services to ensure student persistence and completion.

Assets Fuel Mobility

We believe it’s critical that low-income individuals and families build and maintain the financial assets that fuel economic security and upward mobility. We fund efforts that:

  • Build the financial capability of economically marginalized youth and adults through financial education, access to quality financial services, saving incentives, and financial coaching.
  • Establish children’s savings accounts accompanied by age appropriate financial education.
  • Support low-income entrepreneurs to establish and grow successful small businesses.

Policy Must Expand Opportunity

We know that public policy influences the allocation of economic resources and opportunities. We fund efforts that:

  • Pursue policy change and regulatory reform to advance the Fund’s work in asset-building and workforce development.
  • Expand economic opportunity and promote equity.
  • Remove systemic barriers and disincentives that undermine economic mobility.

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