Tax Alliance for Economic Mobility

Program Area(s)
Grantee NameTax Alliance for Economic Mobility
1200 G Street NW Suite 400
Washington DC, 20005
United States
Fiscal AgentCorporation for Enterprise Development

The Tax Alliance for Economic Mobility (formerly the Tax Policy Project) is a national coalition of asset-building advocates, tax reform experts, researchers, and representatives of grassroots constituents and organizations of color all working to reform the U.S. tax code to expand wealth-building opportunities for low-income people. Currently, the tax code provides more than a half-trillion dollars of subsidies to support savings and investments, but most of these benefits accrue to the wealthy. The Tax Alliance is undertaking public education, communications, and policy advocacy to advance shifts in the tax code to address this severe inequity.

Grant Amount$75000
Project Dates11/20/15 - 11/20/16
Serving United States/California

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