Program Area(s)
Grantee NameMyPath
Address2430 Mission Street
San Francisco CA, 94110
United States

MyPath provides cities and nonprofits with tools that integrate banking, saving, and credit-building pathways directly into existing youth employment programs. It supports financial institutions in adapting their products for youth and advocates for policy and systems-level changes to improve economic opportunity for low-income youth. By connecting with young people earning their first paychecks, the organization leverages a teachable moment, reaching more than 4,500 young people in eight cities nationally. In its recent pilot, 85% of participating youth saw their FICO scores improve. Even those with damaged credit experienced an average increase of more than 30 points after only six months.

Grant Amount$150000
Project Dates06/21/17 - 06/20/19
Serving United States/California/San Francisco/San Francisco

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