ABADÁ Capoeira San Francisco Brazilian Cultural Academy

Program Area(s)
Grantee NameABADÁ Capoeira San Francisco Brazilian Cultural Academy
Address3221 22nd Street
San Francisco CA, 94110
United States

ABADÁ Capoeira’s Bay Area studio is helmed by the only woman ranked among the top 50,000 capoeiristas in the world. This grant supports her studio’s free and subsidized classes in five public schools serving low-income children and youth. ABADÁ’s curriculum incorporates instruction on the martial art’s five musical instruments, singing in Portuguese, and mastering the challenging movement required. Schools admire this program for the immersive introduction to Brazilian culture it provides and for the exercise practitioners gain.

Grant Amount$22000
Project Dates12/07/16 - 12/07/17
Serving United States/California/San Francisco/San Francisco

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