Aiming to be an Equitable Learning Organization

In this blog, we share the big picture of why the Walter & Elise Haas Fund aims to be an equitable learning organization, why learning matters to us, and how it drives our relationship with grantees. As we build our learning practice, we’ll share tactics and processes in future blogs. Justice, equity, and learning are

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Healthy Goodbyes: Exiting Grantee Relationships With Care

As we continue our philanthropy learning lab on how the Walter & Elise Haas Fund is operationalizing trust-based philanthropy, I am offering a reflection about how we exit funding relationships with grantees. Exiting grantees is the process a foundation takes to discontinue funding to a grantee. While it is a routine occurrence in philanthropy, it

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Gen Z Is the New Beginning

  Our future is a multiracial democracy, where demographers project that by 2048 a majority of Americans will be people of color. This future is driven not by an influx of immigrants but young people of color. In fact, as sociologist Dr. Manuel Pastor points out, our country is living with a racial generation gap,

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Back to School in a New Normal

As we finally return to in-person instruction around the Bay Area, let’s listen to the needs of our students and make those concerns central to education’s new normal.


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