W&EHF Grant Supports New San Francisco Office of Strategic Partnerships

Pam David appears in the City of San Francisco’s latest press release announcing Mayor Lee’s appointment of Colin Lacon as Director of Strategic Partnerships.

With increasing and diverse demands for government services, traditional governmental models are challenged to address the complicated and interrelated issues facing municipalities in the 21st Century, and public-private partnerships allow governments to take advantage of the expertise and human and financial resources of the private and non-profit sectors. Several states and cities have established “Offices of Strategic Partnerships” to coordinate these efforts.

The Mayor’s Director of Strategic Partnerships will work closely with the philanthropic and non-profit community as well as City agencies to establish new partnerships to address the City’s highest priorities and to align and coordinate existing public-private partnerships including HOPE SF and the Mayor’s Middle Grades Leadership Initiative and the more than 80 other existing collaborations.

We are excited to collaborate with the Mayor and our funding partners the Hellman Family Foundation, the San Francisco Foundation and the Silver Giving Foundation on this important position. Having our work more aligned and strategic will have even greater impact on our city and the investments being made by the philanthropic community.

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