Signing On: Philanthropy’s Promise

Philanthropys-promise-badgeThe Fund has signed on to Philanthropy’s Promise, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s initiative which values a focus on marginalized communities and high-impact, socially just strategies that promote positive social change.

By signing, we are not just underscoring the alignment of our values with a diverse group over 150 of big and small private foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations and other public grantmaking charities from across the country, we join a multi-year effort to implement two strategies to

  1. Prioritize grant dollars to address the unique needs of underserved communities (Targeted Universalism), and
  2. Invest in advocacy, community organizing and civic engagement to address the root causes of social problems and promote equity, opportunity and justice (Policy & Civic Engagement).

For more information on Philanthropy’s Promise and to discover what other foundations have taken the Philanthropy’s Promise pledge, please visit

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