A Little Housekeeping: Grantseeker Proposal Resources

Grantseekers invited to submit full proposals should check our resource page for new templates and updates to our submission process:

  • A new cover sheet, now a PDF form, has been redesigned to allow for secure, digital signatures.
  • Budget templates now include in-line help, automatic calculations, and flexible line items that allow applicants to fully describe their budget categories.
  • Put away the postage stamps (and the printer cartridge!): The Fund now accepts proposals only electronically. We understand there may be one or two supplemental materials that can’t be attached to an email, so please note our mailing address.

These small changes are part of a larger effort to streamline our grantmaking processes.
Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Marcel Marania

    The Haas Fund reviews indirect costs on a case-by-case basis. We recognize that there are overhead expenses associated with any project and leave the budget calculations to the applicant. During the course of the grant review, the program officer will discuss any budgetary concerns with the applicant.

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