Archive: Oct 2014

Cooking Up Big Ideas in The Kitchen

Can you create spaces for people to gather and do Jewish things together that are meaningful, inspirational, and well-designed? Can Judaism be curated? These were questions that Fund grantee The Kitchen wanted to understand. A small group of us pondered these questions over two days with IDEO, the global design and innovation firm based in San

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Mission Asset Fund in the Paper of Record

The Fund happily noted grantee Mission Asset Fund on the front page of the New York Times on Saturday. The write-up focuses on MAF’s lending circle program, which helps borrowers access affordable loans, build credit history, and set them up for a financially stable future. MAF is part of the Fund’s Economic Security cohort of grantees, addressing

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W&EHF Grant Supports New San Francisco Office of Strategic Partnerships

Pam David appears in the City of San Francisco’s latest press release announcing Mayor Lee’s appointment of Colin Lacon as Director of Strategic Partnerships. With increasing and diverse demands for government services, traditional governmental models are challenged to address the complicated and interrelated issues facing municipalities in the 21st Century, and public-private partnerships allow governments to

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